Why @MsDominiqueHart is REALLY “Outchea Gettin’ It” (lol)

OK! My “gully” moment just realized:

I was given 3 free months of movie channels (that’s approximately 2,191 hours worth) and I’ve probably directly watched about 5 hours of it…..


Because I’m “outchea gettin’ it” lol

OK OK so CLEARLY I’m no “gangsta” and that was probably “wack” but you get the point lol!

But seriously, when you love what you do and you’re out there making it happen?!! Smh, sometimes, the things that used to matter, all of a sudden don’t phase you, nor do they serve you anymore. Because I don’t know too many people who would blow through 3 months of FREE anything lol. But here’s what true. With all of the hours spent watching those free movie channels, I KNOW that could have created massive & progressive steps to move my business onward & upward! And for me, that’s MORE than worth it. Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to do this in my near wealthy future. It just means that I have to go without it at this phase in my life.

By the way, those 5 hours are an accumulation of time spent actually LOOKING at the TV and not falling asleep on it because I finally decided to finish working for the day and “wind down.” Mind you, the end of my work day usually ends between 12 to 4am smh lol. Crazy hours I place on myself, I know, but I love what I do and I love what I’m molding my business and life to be. So hey *kanye shrug* , I’m working on it lol.

Oh! For all who don’t know what the #KanyeShrug is yet (which you REALLY should). Here you go:


Thank me later lol!

So tell me, what things are you surprised to go without (or willing to go without) as a result of doing what you love? Drop your comments below! I’d love to hear about it!

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