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YOUR EVENT IS FINALLY HERE! The vibes are high and your audience is in attendance eager to learn everything they can. THOSE are the kinds of events that Dominique LOVES to be apart of. Why exactly? Because this is the atmosphere where people soak in knowledge the most. They're in the presence of their peers, learning and elevating their businesses and their lives, together. These individuals are a force to be reckoned with because they have invested in themselves to be fully present. It is why Dominique invests that very same attention and time via her talks and Q&A sessions at every event where she is speaking or training.

Dominique brings a fresh perspective to your audience about visual branding via her signature system, "The DYNAMIK Method." Dominique created this system to expose her audience to 7 pillars of visual branding to help them achieve accelerated profits and a "DYNAMIK" presence. This, along with many more talks, are specifically designed to awaken, strengthen and equip your attendees with the necessary tools and information about visual branding so they may feel "brand shame" NO MORE. Consider the issue HANDLED after having Dominique speak at your special event or conference.

Some of her talks include:

  • "The DYNAMIK Method"

    Via Dominique's signature training, explore and establish the 7 Pillars of visual branding that YOUR company must possess to achieve accelerated profits and a “DYNAMIK” presence.

  • Becoming A Dynamik Creator

    Feeling creatively stagnant in your business? Looking for more in life because you just KNOW that you’re not like everyone else? In this talk for your next conference, event or workshop Dominique shares, vulnerably, her own personal experiences in, what her audience knows today as, becoming a “Dynamik Creator.”

  • DYNAMIK strategy for accelerated profits

    No matter how complex or how simple, no entrepreneur should operate without a thought out strategy. But yet, so many often do. Having a sound strategy in your business is KEY if you want accelerated profits in your business. In this talk, Dominique walks your audience through her profit driven process.

  • How to Create A Vision That Sells

    It is true that your brand is more than a logo and that your business is more than a "pretty website." But what entrepreneurs, brands and organizations fail to understand is that the purpose of your VISUAL brand is MORE than just making your brand and business look "pretty," but has everything to do with the visual expression of your VISION and essence. But how do you do that AND profit from your vision at the same time? In this talk, Dominique exposes those profitable and hidden nuances in her 7 visual branding pillars from her signature system, "The Dynamik Method." (also available as a workshop)

  • How to end social media overwhelm for good

    Dominique has heard the cries of many CEO's and business owners about the overwhelm they face when it comes to making social media work for their business. It's time to end it for GOOD. Dominique shares her time tested strategies in this talk.

  • And Much More...

    Looking for a particular topic for your event that's not listed above? Please, make sure to include the particular topic/talk in your inquiry. Start by clicking the button below and "Book Dominique Now!" Let's talk!


Why Meeting Planners Love Dominique

When entrepreneurs attend events and conferences, their not only looking for information, but they are looking for answers and an experience. Dominique makes it a point to give just that, along with the honest truth, based on her experiences, methodologies and viewpoints about creativity and design, branding, marketing, perseverance, and the many stressors that comes with being an entrepreneur. By working with Dominique, your audience will leave with the necessary tools and education to elevate their visual brand and create the impact they desire in their industry. The best part for her, is her audience soaks it up EACH and EVERY time.

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"During the NY Coalition of One Hundred Black Women Role Model Program, Dominique presented “Brand You”, a session on developing your personal brand. Dominique’s candor, honesty and engaging presentation style allowed her to connected immediately with the young ladies. Her ability to establish herself as a credible and knowledgeable facilitator allowed for an interactive dialogue with the young ladies...I look forward to partnering with Dominique in the near future."Cecilia Nelson | AVP, Diversity & Inclusion | L’Oreal USA

Kenneth E. Johnson

Best Selling Author
and 2017 Valedictorian of the
"Platform Ready VIP Intensive" with Dr. Stacie NC Grant

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