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Dominique tailors her talks to her youth, millennial and/or university audiences according to her experiences as an entrepreneur, persevering through the many stressors of being a student while attending Virginia State University and then Temple University (#TempleMade), making sound connections and building a tailor made personal brand for yourself EVEN while in school.

Whenever Dominique speaks to the youth and her peers, she inspires them to no only DO MORE, but to also BE MORE as well. You see it’s more than inspiration for Dominique. Yes, that is a product of what happens when she speaks. But she also understands that her content and her words are an awakening for some and a roadmap to success from others. If she can be that, or inspire that, in someone else, then she has done her job.

  • Dynamikally You!: How to Create Your Personal Brand for DYNAMIK impact (a.k.a. The Dynamik You!)

    As one of Dominique’s signature talks for the youth and millennials alike, this talk will walk your students through exactly what it means to have an impactful personal brand, the importance of having a strong presence and how to visually pull it all together across all platforms (both online AND offline). Make room for Q&A, because it is a must when the ideas begin to develop and the “AHA” moments begin to roll, as your students discover this content during her session.

  • How to "Dynamikally" achieve before you leave

    How developing a strategy early in your high school or college career will ensure your success even BEFORE you graduate.

  • A day in the life of...

    A frequently requested talk that features the “behind-the-scenes” information about Dominique’s experience in the Advertising Industry, Entrepreneurship, Speaking, College and more.

  • Selecting a college for YOU and strategies to succeed

  • And Much More...

    Looking for a particular topic that’s not listed above? Please, make sure to include the particular topic/talk in your inquiry. Start by clicking the button below! Let’s talk!

Why Youth & Millennials Love Dominique

There is no fluff when it comes to Dominique when she speaks. She makes it a point to give the honest truth, based on her experiences, methodologies and viewpoints about school, perseverance, personal branding, and the many stressors that comes with being a student. The best part for her, is her audience soaks it up EACH and EVERY time.

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“During the NY Coalition of One Hundred Black Women Role Model Program, Dominique presented “Brand You”, a session on developing your personal brand. Dominique’s candor, honesty and engaging presentation style allowed her to connected immediately with the young ladies. Her ability to establish herself as a credible and knowledgeable facilitator allowed for an interactive dialogue with the young ladies…I look forward to partnering with Dominique in the near future.”Cecilia Nelson | AVP, Diversity & Inclusion | L’Oreal USA
“…Seeing you up in front of the room, and recognizing all the hurdles you had to jump over to make it to where you are was in itself an inspiration; hearing your words of empowerment, was an extra baptism of encouragement.

Thank you so much for your uplifting message!”Amarachi C. Uwaga

“…every piece of this puzzle and contribution that you provided was impactful and we cannot thank you enough for sharing your time and energy with our students.

Thank you so much for your uplifting message!”Monique Atherley | Former Youth Success Counselor | New York Urban League, Inc.

“The Alum from UPENN and Temple made a surprising impact on me. It was that you can’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do”Student Attendee| 2nd Annual College LIVE! Tour! - Alumni Panel Discussion 2015| New York Urban League, Inc.
“Your authentic message was compelling and much needed for our youth. Moreover, your enthusiasm towards STEM, entrepreneurship and leadership encouraged both the adults AND youth who were present to cultivate their dreams.”DaMia Harris Madden | Executive Director | City of Mount Vernon-Youth Bureau

“…I just want to say thank you again for all the wisdom you have poured unto us, the younger generation. Your great words and advice will forever remain with me. Words cannot express how grateful I am. I will protect my brand and my name forever because of you. All the knowledge that I have learned from you will not be in vain. I have already took action. I am now extremely careful of the content I put on the internet and who I connect with. I know that the people who one associates with can also play a major role…”Naa-Afi Tackie | 2018 Role Model Week Student Attendee | NYCOBW & L'Oreal

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