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Dominique’s talks are geared to expose your audience and your team to a way of thinking about visual branding that will be sure to increase profits and sales. Not only that, but your employees and staff will leave motivated and ready to up-level the company, and most importantly, the clients you serve.

Event he largest of companies need a fresh new perspective to shift the trajectory of a project or the company overall. Dominique brings that fresh perspective via her signature system, “The DYNAMIK Method.” Dominique created her signature system to expose her audience to 7 pillars of visual branding to help them achieve accelerated profits and a “DYNAMIK” presence. This, along with many more talks, are specifically designed to awaken, strengthen and equip your attendees with the necessary tools and information about visual branding so they may feel “brand shame” NO MORE. Consider the issue HANDLED after having Dominique speak at your business, conference or organization.

Some of her talks include:

  • The D.Y.N.A.M.I.K. Method

    Via Dominique’s signature training, explore and establish the 7 Pillars of visual branding that YOUR company must possess to achieve accelerated profits and a “DYNAMIK” presence.

  • The DYNAMIK You!

    Your talents and business are powerful, and deserves to be presented as such! Learn the tips, tools and tricks you need to FULLY operate in the DYNAMIK brand that you already posses and not the discount, marked down, and subpar version of its greatness.

  • How to Create A Visual Brand That Sells

    It is true that your brand is more than a logo and that your business is more than a “pretty website.” But what entrepreneurs, brands and organizations fail to understand is that the purpose of your VISUAL brand is MORE than just making your brand and business look “pretty,” but has everything to do with the visual expression of your VISION and essence. But how do you do that AND profit from your vision at the same time? In this talk, Dominique exposes those profitable and hidden nuances in her 7 visual branding pillars from her signature system, “The Dynamik Method.” (also available as a workshop)

  • How to Create A "Dynamikally" Impactful Brand Strategy

    Dominique is a firm believer that all business success is rooted in strategy by one way or another. If you or your audience feels stuck in their business or feel like they don’t know what to do next, then your audience NEEDS to hear her what she has to say. They will leave with vision, direction and be “stuck” no more.

  • And Much More...

    Looking for a particular topic that’s not listed above? Please, make sure to include the particular topic/talk in your inquiry. Start by clicking the button below and “Book Dominique Now”! Let’s talk!

Why Businesses Love Dominique

There is no fluff when it comes to Dominique when she speaks. She makes it a point to give the honest truth, based on her experiences, methodologies and viewpoints about creativity and design, branding, marketing, perseverance, and the many stressors that comes with being an entrepreneur. The best part for her, is when her audience takes the actionable steps she shares and RUNS with it toward success.

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“…She was able to deliver a message that was authentic, educational and entertaining. In our survey of the week long experience, Dominique’s session ranked among the highest of the program.

I look forward to partnering with Dominique in the near future.”Cecilia Nelson | AVP, Diversity & Inclusion | L’Oreal USA

Kenneth E. Johnson

Best Selling Author
and 2017 Valedictorian of the
“Platform Ready VIP Intensive” with Dr. Stacie NC Grant

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