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All Dominique asks is if you’re not the one responsible for setting up this talk, simply pass this website along with a note, to the person or organization in charge of setting up the event. When making an inquiry, please include a few different dates that work. This way we can make sure we secure a favorable date for you, if possible.

Does Dominique Do Breakout Sessions?

of course!

Dominique loves the opportunity to create valuable experiences in her breakout sessions. The ability to connect with attendees on a deeper level is always a plus for her. Do you have a breakout session that you're inquiring about?
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Dominique loves doing this actually! It gives her a creative challenge. But most importantly, she understands that your theme can be an important factor in your event's success. For the sake of communication and value, she knows that it's essential that her talk is well incorporated into the overall vision of your event. So if that is a desire of yours, beyond her original material, then let's discuss it! Just sure to include this in your inquiry and we'll take it from there. Just click the button at the bottom of this page to get started!

What is Dominique's speaking fee?

Dominique’s speaking fee varies based on the type of event, the location of the event, and her schedule. Please keep in mind, that if traveling internationally, that her travel and hotel accommodations are not included in her speaker fee and must be accommodated for separately. Dominique is able to lower her rate for you and others, if you can assist with lining up additional local speaking engagements. This helps Dominique maximize her time around traveling to you, while giving your community a FULL opportunity.

Is there any paperwork that I need on my end?


Not much on your end at all! Dominique provides a speaking agreement and an invoice (you can send the check in the mail as well). Dominique wants this to be just as easy and successful as you do!

But please note that if Dominique has to sign your agreement instead of hers, that her speaker fee that is quoted for is subject to a 50% increase.

What are Dominique's Technical requirements?

Glad You Asked!

For visuals, Dominique runs her Keynote or Powerpoint slideshow presentation off of a MacBook Pro, which would be connected to your projector. For audio, Dominique prefers a headset mic. Even though she's not Italian, she uses her hands quite a bit! Dominique thrives off of Q&A interaction from her audience. So, if the room permits it, 1-2 wireless microphones for the audience during Q+A afterward would be awesome. As for audio accommodations for Dominique’s presentation, she might be sending some audio from her laptop for video playback. So audio capabilities would be great for setup as well.

Can Dominique stay behind for Q&A or meet & greets?


In fact, Dominique prefers it! She loves and prefers sticking around for Q+A and meet and greets, as she understands how important it is for attendees to take part in moments like this. Dominique knows that all it takes is one moment, one heart to heart, or one answered question that could help kick-start someones project, passion, business or career! For ZERO additional cost, this is usually extra time that Dominique donates after her speaking engagements. Besides Q&A and meet & greets, Dominique likes to to take some time to stick around after she speaks to be apart of the experience of your event.

I want dominique to revamp my brand/company. How do I go about doing that?

of course!

You can inquire about visual branding services via her boutique design agency, Dynamik Endeavors. To learn more about the agency, visit the Dynamik Endeavors website via or click the button below to send an email to her team to see how they can help you to get your rebrand started ASAP!

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What inspired Dominique to become an Entrepreneur at such a young age?

Dominique grew up in a caribbean household without a "silver spoon" lifestyle in sight. She always said that she was spoiled with love and not money. Growing up, her mom exposed her to business ownership and entrepreneurship by always telling her the possibilities of what it could do. Her Dad, now late, always supported her decisions and never failed to tell her how proud he was of her (even when she didn't feel her accomplishments were THAT significant for Oprah to notice). This became the foundation of her wanting to change the trajectory of her life, not only for her family, but for herself and her generational LEGACY. To read more about Dominique...

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I'd like to submit a testimonial on my experience working with Dominique. How do I do that?

How wonderful!
Thank you for wanting to take some time to share your experience with us and others. We'd love to know your experience working with Dominique and/or her Dynamik Support team. Just click the button below and it will take you directly to our testimonial submission platform. Submit your experience and you're all set!
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