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Dominique Hart is an International Visual Branding Strategist, Dynamic Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Dynamik Endeavors, and six-figure Real Estate Investor — all by the age of 30. She empowers businesses and organizations to discover their visual identity, resonate with the people that need them, and convey their unique voice through the power of design.

As a first generation American, Dominique appreciates the journey entrepreneurs everywhere must take to cultivate a loyal client base from nothing — she’s been in those shoes herself. Now she’s reaching out, sharing her incredible insight to teach those entrepreneurs the true power of brand design, and how, with the right strategic approach, they can significantly accelerate their business’ profits.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Temple University, with a concentration in Art Direction, and an Executive Certification in Brand Management from Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business, she deeply understands both the creativity and science needed to nurture a resilient following through comprehensive visual branding, brand management, and strategy that grows a business built on legacy.

While pursuing a higher education in advertising in Tokyo, Japan, Dominique aided western companies in reaching consumers in the Japanese market. Back in America, she helped major advertising campaigns for brands such as Amtrak, the Marriott Hotel, and even the United States Marines reach the audience that needs them.

These collective experiences led her to develop her signature time-tested system, the D.Y.N.A.M.I.K. Method. Fast forward to today, her signature method together with her agency, Dynamik Endeavors, has guided countless international and national businesses and audiences, from speaking at Loreal, to non-profit organizations such as the National Urban League-Young Professionals, the New York Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Eagle Academy Foundation, and more.

As featured on GoDaddy, Fox34, CBS, NBC, the Women’s Speakers Association, among others, Dominique has spoken across the world — sharing her incredible insight into design strategy to not just build something trendy that will “work”, but to push the envelope so people actually stop and take notice. All the while, she guides her clients through any uncertainty every step of the way.

Dominique is an advocate for inspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. She’s traveled the world empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, and through her keynote speeches and workshops, shows them that the power to do the most “Dynamik” work comes from being “Dynamik” — it comes from within.

Having a consistent visual brand will impact every level of a business. Dominique knows not only how to establish and amplify a brand and vision, but to teach it to manifest in the lives of its audience.

Through the power of brand design, Dominique teaches entrepreneurs to truly embody what their brand stands for — creating the perfect branding experience that not only brings their visions to life, but elevates them in their industry with a comprehensive balance of both design and strategy.

In short, Dominique helps entrepreneurs develop a dynamic visual identity, not only so their audience can see them, but so entrepreneurs can see themselves, and their vision, impact their communities and ultimately…the WORLD.

To learn more information about how Dominique can elevate your business, or to book her to speak at your upcoming conference, workshop, or specialized corporate training, contact her team by clicking “Book Dominique Now!” below,  to provide more details for the booking team.

To join her Creative Advertising community for entrepreneurs, where you can receive Creative Advertising tips, tools and updates, visit www.DynamikEndeavors.com and of course stay in touch with her on Instagram @MeetDominique. You can also look at what she’s creatively up to with all of her clients using hashtag #DominiqueCreates or #DynamikEndeavors.

Some Interesting Facts:

Coffee Preference: I HATE COFFEE! I’m more of a tea drinker. But if I must choose one, it would HAVE to be A White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (if you ask me, I’ll tell you the story 😉 )

Favorite Colors: Persian Green, White, and Gold….and Bling. Does Bling count as a color?

Favorite Place: Tokyo, Japan (I turned 21 there)

Favorite Season: Anytime the weather is changing (Not too hot. Not too cold)…But I’m a winter baby (December) & LOVE to watch the snow fall and see the blanket of white across the town.

Favorite Song: “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco.
Other than that, no particular song. That’s why I have a playlist. I just enjoy a good beat, melody and inspiring song overall (“feel good” music is what I like to call it).

Favorite Food: Another hard one to give just ONE answer, but I love Jamaican Food, Mexican Food & Italian Food (OH! & Japanese Oyakudon!  Except for the runny eggs. Sorry guys, I like it cooked lol)

Favorite Drink: Tequila Sunrise, Red Wine or just a good ol Tequila shot for fun. 😉

Favorite Candy: Haribo Gummy Bears (Emphasis on Haribo! IT’S THE ONLY WAY PEOPLE! lol)

Favorite Snacks: GUACAMOLE! & tortilla chips (I’d slap Guacamole on everything if I could lol), I even love to eat the Tostitos Tortilla Chips or the Simply Balanced: Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (WITH flax seed) by themselves. I LOVE the Planters Fruit & Nut Trail Mix (WITHOUT the yogurt balls in them. I don’t know why they decided to mess with perfection). I also LOVE FRUIT and really enjoy snacking on vegetables (I know, I know lol).

Guilty Pleasure: Writing how I speak (like how I’ve been answering these questions), Playing “The Sims™ FreePlay” on my iPad (a world of my own?….Yes please!) and occasionally binge watching the latest seasons of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Married to Medicine: ATL & Houston. 😉 

Favorite Shows: Downton Abby, Billions, Suits, All Rise, White Collar, The Good Fight, The Good Wife (I wish they would bring it back)…It’s funny, because I SWEAR I was a lawyer in my past life. The life before that, I was an engineer lol. I also love watching anything HGTV (especially Love it or List it).

Favorite Movies: Matilda, Home Alone 2, and B.A.P.S. (I actually hate watching movies or shows more than once. Yes, I’m THAT girl. No reruns here – unless they’re the movies I mentioned lol).

Favorite Things: Dancing without a care, I love freestyle dancing (Ya girl got moves ya’ll!), Snow, and Driving (million dollar revelations and epiphanies happen when I’m in the driver’s seat lol).

Current Personal Goal: Continuing to make my Dad & Grandparents, who’ve passed away, proud. Finding my “New Normal” (as I’d like to call it).

Currently Reading: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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