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Dynamik Training

Dominique’s trainings are specifically designed to awaken, strengthen and equip your team or audience with the necessary tools and information about visual branding so they may feel “brand shame” NO MORE. Consider the issue HANDLED after inviting Dominique to come and train at your business, conference or organization.

Event the largest of companies need a fresh new perspective to shift the trajectory of a project or the company overall. Dominique brings that fresh perspective via her signature system, “The D.Y.N.A.M.I.K. Method,” along with many more talks specifically designed to awaken, strengthen and fortify your team with the necessary tools and information about visual branding for “DYNAMIK” profits and sales.

Some of her trainings include:

  • The D.Y.N.A.M.I.K. Method

    Via Dominique’s signature training, she brings you step-by-step on how to explore and establish the 7 Pillars of visual branding that YOUR company must possess to achieve accelerated profits and a “DYNAMIK” presence.

  • DYNAMIK Identity Workshops

    Dominique’s Identity Workshops are designed so that small businesses can come together in a small group as Dominique walks you and your creative team step by step through the brand identity process. Leave ABSOLUTELY sure about how your business can create DYNAMIK impact in your industry.

  • Dynamik Website Masterclasses

    During this Masterclass, you or your team will learn: How your WEBSITE and your VISUAL BRAND is one of THE best way to set your business apart in your industry; How to plan your website for success BEFORE you implement and design ANYTHING!; Exploring the branded website elements that you NEED for your captivating website; and so much more.

  • Social Media Strategy

    Dominique’s custom trainings for your team can range from the basics of social media, to developing a winning strategy, to focusing on how social media can accelerate your team’s project. Let’s discuss your team’s needs by clicking the button below.

  • And Much More...

    Looking for a specific training for your company or organization? Click the button below, and let’s discuss how Dominique can help you achieve accelerated profits and a “DYNAMIK” presence.

Why Executives Love Dominique

There is no fluff when it comes to Dominique when she trains. She makes it a point to give the facts and the honest truth, based on her experiences, methodologies and viewpoints about visual branding, entrepreneurship, business fundamentals, and so much more. The best part for her, is the employees and businesses that she trains, soak it up and reap the benefits EVERY time. By working with Dominique, you will leave with the necessary tools and education to elevate your organization’s visual brand and create the impact your desire in your industry.

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“…She was able to deliver a message that was authentic, educational and entertaining. In our survey of the week long experience, Dominique’s session ranked among the highest of the program.

I look forward to partnering with Dominique in the near future.”Cecilia Nelson | AVP, Diversity & Inclusion | L’Oreal USA

Kenneth E. Johnson

Best Selling Author
and 2017 Valedictorian of the
“Platform Ready VIP Intensive” with Dr. Stacie NC Grant

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