Public Acclaim



“…Dominique proved to be a valuable addition to our team. She was personable and helpful at all times and always completed the tasks assigned to her to the best of her ability.” ~ Charles SprekleyFive by Fifty, Co-Founder (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)




seung“I managed Dominique while she was an intern at Five by Fifty. She is bright, hard working and always eager to learn and contribute. Additionally she is always keeping a keen eye out on new trends and innovative marketing campaigns, helping to keep her teammates up to date. Her helpful and positive attitude made her a welcome addition to our team.” ~ Seoung Hoon-Lee, Ad-comm Group, Account Executive & former Brand Manager at Five by Fifty – Asian Consumer Intelligence Agency (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)


nicole“Dominique interned at Five by Fifty in 2010 and proved herself to be capable of strong research skills and a proactive attitude.” ~ Nicole Fall, Five by Fifty – Asian Consumer intelligence Agency, CEO at Asian Consumer Intelligence Pte Ltd (Shibuya,Tokyo, Japan)



donna“Dominique Hart is an organized, resourceful assistant and a joy to work with… Dominique worked extremely well with her colleagues and adapted easily to our agency culture.” ~ Donna Pangione, LevLane Advertising Agency, Director of Production (Philadelphia, PA)



alan“Dominique was an outstanding contributor to the Philly Ad Club TEENS Program through her participation during her time at Temple University. She is very personable, enthusiastic, and ready to assist when things need to get done. She is A-Okay on my list of trusted people. Dominique, go for it!” ~ Alan Tempest, Owner of Tempest Communications, & former Executive Director at Philly Ad club (Philadelphia, PA)


michelle“Dominique is very smart and personable. When I met her she struck me as a driven and focused young woman. I believe that she will bring her hard work and passion to any career.” ~ Michelle NewtonMichelle Gill Newton Inc, Speaker & Author (New York, New York)

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