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Hailing from Queens, NY, Dominique Hart is a Visual Branding Strategist and “Dynamik”Entrepreneur who is passionately creative, and is no stranger to a challenge. Dominique also has extensive knowledge in marketing and social media for small business and advertising. She championed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising (Art Direction) as well as her certificate in Entrepreneurship from Temple University in the Spring of 2012. In the corporate advertising industry, she has served as a Creative Intern at UniWorld Group, Inc in the summer of 2013. Her portfolio of responsibilities included development and/or execution of concepts for logos, print ads, interactive platforms, and of course social media. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and currently resides back home in New York.

In New York City, and now nationwide, she is currently working with some amazing business owners and public figures through her company, Dynamik Endeavors , pronounced “dynamic”, (@DynamikEndeavor on Twitter. No that’s not a typo, Twitter just won’t let us have the “s” in our name for greatness sake). Dynamik Endeavors is a Boutique design agency that transforms brands to achieve accelerated profits and a “Dynamik” presence. Dominique has a hidden passion for dance and appreciation of all things that involve creative expression. Dynamic in all her ways, her ability to merge concept and design, has allowed her to collaborate with a wide range of independent clients and sectors including: well-known advertising firms, major non-profit organizations, religious organizations, community-based organizations, fortune 500 companies, and international consumer intelligence agencies. Dominique Hart is currently accepting clients from advertising agencies, design studios, medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs who seek out her expertise and services. To join her Creative Advertising community for entrepreneurs, where you can receive Creative Advertising tips, tools and updates, visit www.DynamikEndeavors.com and of course stay in touch with her on Twitter @MeetDominique. You can also look at what she’s creatively up to with all of her clients using hashtag #DominiqueCreates or #DynamikEndeavors.

In all things creative,
Thank you.

If you wish to contact Dominique directly about YOUR upcoming project or visual branding needs, please email her at: dominique@dynamikendeavors.com.

To book Dominique for your next event, conference or workshop please email her agent, Karie Millspaugh with 5 Star Keynote Speakers: Karie@kariemillspaugh.com. Or feel free to fill out our form, by clicking “Book Dominique Now!” below,  to provide more details for the booking team.

Some Interesting Facts:

Coffee Preference: I HATE COFFFE! I’m more of a tea drinker. But if I must choose one, it would HAVE to be A White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks (if you ask me, I’ll tell you the story 😉 )

Favorite Colors: Persian Green, White & Gold….and Bling. Does Bling count as a color?

Favorite Place: Tokyo, Japan (I turned 21 there)

Favorite Season: Anytime the weather is changing (Not too hot. Not too cold)…But I’m a winter baby (December) & LOVE to watch the snow fall & see the blanket of white across the town.

Favorite Song: “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco.
Other than that, no particular song. That’s why I have a playlist. I just enjoy a good beat, melody and inspiring song overall (“feel good” music is what I like to call it).

Favorite Food: Another hard one to give just ONE answer, but I love Jamaican Food, Mexican Food & Italian Food (OH! & Japanese Oyakudon!  Except for the runny eggs. Sorry guys, I like it cooked lol)

Favorite Drink: Tequila Sunrise, Red Wine or just a good ol Tequila shot for fun. 😉

Favorite Candy: Haribo Gummy Bears (Emphasis on Haribo! IT’S THE ONLY WAY PEOPLE! lol)

Favorite Snacks: GUACAMOLE! & tortilla chips (I’d slap Guacamole on everything if I could lol), I even love to eat the Tostitos Tortilla Chips or the Simply Balanced: Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (WITH flax seed) by themselves. I LOVE the Planters Fruit & Nut Trail Mix (WITHOUT the yogurt balls in them. I don’t know why they decided to mess with perfection). I also LOVE FRUIT and really enjoy snacking on vegetables (I know, I’m weird lol).

Guilty Pleasure: Writing how I speak (like how I’ve been answering these questions), Playing “The Sims™ FreePlay” on my iPad (a world of my own?….Yes please!) and occasionally binge watching the latest seasons of  Married to Medicine: ATL & Houston, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and The Housewives of ATL & NJ. 😉 

Favorite Shows: Billions, Suits, White Collar, The Good Wife (I wish they would bring it back)…It’s funny, because I SWEAR I was a lawyer in my past life. The life before that, I was an engineer lol. I also love watching anything HGTV (especially Love it or List it).

Favorite Movies: Matilda, Home Alone 2, and B.A.P.S. (I actually hate watching movies or shows more than once. Yes, I’m THAT girl. No reruns here – unless they’re the movies I mentioned lol).

Favorite Things: Dancing without a care, I love freestyling (Ya girl got moves ya’ll!), Snow, and Driving (million dollar revelations and epiphanies happen when I’m in the driver’s seat lol).

Current Personal Goal: Continuing to make my Dad & Grandparents, who’ve passed away, proud. And finding my “New Normal” (as I’d like to call it).

Currently Reading: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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